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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2003 at 4:29pm
Music: eve 6-think twice
i got my schedule in the mail today and was pissed to find that they put me in chem when i told mr. walker that i was taking that next year and the ytook me out of chior! I was pissed! I called my mom and told her to call mr. walker to change it! So i think i'm going into advanced tv pro (happy beaver!) instead of yearbook. these are my classes:
US HIstory -Carr
SO yeah, anyone have any of those classes? I'm out for the weekend! Talk to ya'll on Sunday maybe!

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08-15-03 10:40pm

YAY! JULES YOU ARE IN MY MATH CLASS!!! cool beans man. this is great! hehehe well anywho have a great weekend!


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