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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2003 at 1:23am
Music: Our Lady Peace - Life
Subject: So many light switches, and no time to flick them all...
Dear Mr. J,

Times are little weird. I'm confused whether to rekindle friendships, or just say fuck it to the lot.

Plus, without the direct influence of all my friends I feel I finally have the capacity to grow up, some. I don't know if I want to or not.

Sigh, I need a hug.

Insomnia is such an interesting affliction. I know it's really bad for the complection and half the time I can't even form sentences. That's how tired I get during the day. Then night roll's it fat ass around and I'm wide-a-fucking-wake.

Mmm, hmm, It's sick.

Life currently is extremely boring. I need to learn a new language or something. That's how much time I have. Bleh.

Well, journal, you should be getting to sleep.
Sweet dreams,
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08-18-03 10:58pm

Maybe you should get a night shift job at a gas station or something... then your insomnia would be helpful!

on another note, you should write me a letter or something... that would take up time... and keep a distant contact. :) peace

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Re:, 08-19-03 12:52am

;) Eww, cooties.
Sounds like fun. I haven't sent a snail mail letter since I was just a young buck.

I actually went for a cigarette run last night at about one o'clock. The gas station attendant walked out and gave me a light, and he wouldn't shut up. I sat there for an hour or so.

Anyway, my point is. Gas station attendants are sickenly lonely people. And I'm sickenly lonely enough as it is.


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