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wordblinkies (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2003 at 5:03pm

I am... bored... if you want me to make you a word blinkie... tell me what you want it to say..!
<33' Manda
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o.o;;, 08-17-03 5:17pm

I was looking at random people's journals and stumbled across yours =]

Those blinkies look nice lol =]

You seem pretty cool, so yeah. lol, hope to get to know you a lil better =]

Later =)

And maybe you can try to make a blinkie that says "Bloody tears" =] Just do it if you're bored **shrugs** =]

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Re: o.o;;, 08-17-03 5:24pm

sure... I can always make you a word blinkie!!!
Its not the best because I am new.. but hey... here yah go!!
<33' Manda

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Re: o.o;;, 08-17-03 9:37pm

hope you like it!!! -- lol sorry it sucks!

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*, 12-30-03 10:08pm

could you make me one that says:


any colors =)


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