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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2003 at 2:24pm
Current mood: grumpy
Music: NO!!!!
Subject: I'M GRUMPY
OK GUYS heres the thing. . . Amanda and I went to Chic to get our hair done and junk. The night before I got no sleep because wilder wouldnt shut up so i couldn't sleep. Then I got my hair cut and I don't like it because I miss my long hair it is soo short now so I am sad about that so anyways after my hair was done it was 12:30 and I waited in the waiting room untill 3:30 for Amanda. I was soooooo GRUMPY and I hadn't had anything to eat. So we went to taco bell at 4 to eat. It was sooo grossss. So i am grumpy. AND the school STILL hasnt called me back the fuckers they are pissing me off I NEEED my schedule changed and they are being fucking gay and they cant just get on the handy dandy computer and switch my 2nd hour how fucked up can they be. AND Dollar World hasn't called me back so I probably will not be hired and I REALLLLY need a job. EVERYONE IS JUST pissing me off. WELL I have to go LaydHer
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freak!!, 08-23-03 2:40pm

sorry i just had tyo call you a frerak

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hey there, 08-24-03 4:58pm

when i was reading your journal the wierdest thing came across me is that your name is megan and you have a friend named amanda. the thing about that is my name is amanda and i have a sister named megan i thought that was really wierd anyways cool journal Much<3 Mandi

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