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star_gazer05 (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2003 at 3:16pm
Current mood: accomplished
i'm bored! i went to hastings this weekend and hung out with my cousin most of the time which was rad! we went and saw American Wedding last night! that movie was the shit! Stiffler is the greatest! Anyways, OHHHHHHHHH I PASSED MY ROAD TEST! i'm getting my liscense on Wednesday after school!! I'm so stoked! i'll take 4 people out ot eat the you wanna go talk to me. umm also friday i think i'm gonna go somewhere..not sure yet! yea, well, school starts stuff.... cant wait to see you all! anyways, i'm off...trying to find someone to take me somewhere! Buh byez!!

Julie Slow
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