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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2003 at 10:23pm
Current mood: sore
Music: television
Subject: im soooreeee
i woke up cuz my uncle and his new wife stopped by and wanted to see me and sarah... then i just was lazy around the house till about 5...
then i got ready for gymnastics and went to subway cuz my mom was kinda in a hurry
it figures the one day i need to get there early
an old lady was ahead of me and a mentaly disabled person was serving them AND THEN THE OLD LADY WHPPED OUT HER PENNIES WHEN IT WAS TIME TO PAY ughhh

gymnastics i didnt really do anything, me margaret and soung were kinda just pretending haha but conditioning was hardcore, stupid pushups >=o

ummm joan picked me up and then i came home and im laying in bed doing im gonna watch tv then go to bed...

leave luvv
<33 cassie*lou

oh yea while i was gone sam was on and he left me a message

LoserkidBnb: ehh well i love you and miss you and cant wait to get home

ahh i love you sooooo much sam, cant wait till you get home :-*
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08-28-03 1:41am

don't you hate it when old people count out all their change and get rid of it, especially when there's a bunch of people in line.... it's like they think they're the only one there.... we have things to do you know!!!!!!! argh, well that's about enough complaining for me for a little while

that's cool that Sam sent u a good message, I'm happy for you :o)
keep the good news coming ... till next time


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