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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2003 at 10:25pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: finch- letters to you
Subject: make yourself at home
well last night i slept over at kylies (surprise surprise) we were very hyper indeed and everything we said we laughed about...
then mike ended up breaking up with her and after he said "fuck off i hope you die"
where the hell did he get this hostility from?!?!
then she got all sad and i gave her d d dunk a roos to make her hhhappy haha
::i burp:: me: GOD I LOVE THAT!!!
haha kylie
we had fun last night

i left around 2ish and then came home and downlodaed a bunch of music and such...
then i went to the mall and got some jeans and new underware omg their awesome haha
i hung out with laura for a bit then met back up with my mom and my sister then we ate and went to target and got a bunch of stuff...
omg there was a bat in target and it was the funniest thing i ever saw...the guy was trying to get it out with a tennis raquett LMAO

umm i am very bored,,,, all for now
<33 cassie*lou

Cheer Up Emo Kid
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Bats, 08-30-03 11:54pm

yea, so we have a little bat problem @ Club Target... they're working on it... one bat at a time lol... with the tennis racquets. And as for being bored, why don't you take a shower u scumbag?? lol j/p I know you already took like two showers today... go eat something .. yea, that sounds good... I'm gonna go eat something or IDK lol. Only a couple more days until Sam comes home, so you've gotta be happy about that.

I'm sick of being the only one who sends you a note... I think other people should note you more often. Until next time


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