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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2003 at 5:00am
Music: Something Corporate - I wanna Save You
Subject: This last week..
Well I started high school. It's so chaotic. There's like 100 x's more people there. Crazy. It's overwhelming. Here's My Schedule ::

1st per - Colorguard
2nd per - English GATE
3rd per - Spanish 1
4th per - Lunch (the best part of the day)
5th per - Geometry (eep)
6th per - Beg. Art (I really hate this class..)
7th per - History GATE

soo.. basically all honors classes which is good because I need them for college. Jesus I hate having to think about that. It freaks me out. Okay so anway..

The first day was so nerve racking for me. I'm kind of wondering about Colorguard because a lot of the people who have had Ms. Alston.. well.. hate her. She seems nice, just strict. English is going to rock. Ms. Cerotsky is really cool and nice. I have it with Hailey and Bethany which is awesome. For spanish I only have Evan in there which I guess isn't bad. I have to sit right next to Adam though bah. He is such an asshole. More than words can explain. Okay soo then I have Geometry. I can tell that this class is going to be really boring. Mr. Bradley has these scary looking, beady eyes. I don't even know if I'm ready for it. Ah well though. At least I have Whitney to talk to. Onto art.. Holy jesus. I did NOT want art. I suck at anything related to art.. Badly. I can't even draw a friggin straight line. Danielle is in it with me.. holy jesus I do not like her.. I don't have any friends in therewhich fucking sucks. bah. I realllyy need to talk to a fucking counseler. I sent in two counseling requests in already. They better effing call me up.. or else . hah. soo next comes history. I am not exactly looking forward to history day. At all. Ms. Ross is like 90 years old and is kind of a bitch.

I finally got an effing locker on Friday after school. Jesus I needed one. The thing that sucks though is that it's the second one up from the bottom so I have to kneel down to open it. I wonder how that will work out with wearing a skirt.

woo 2:16 am! haha.. totally random I know.. but 216 is my fave number :)

I have to get to school early on tuesday to practice opening my locker. haha I'm a GEEK I know.

Holy SHIZNITS! fuck.. I just remembered that I can't get to school early because I have an orthodontist appt at 7 am on tuesday :( I get my braces back on. Sucky-ness. ahh badly. ahh and school pictures are the SAME fucking day. I have to waste my damn lunch period to take fucking pictures. Damn, Damn, damn. oh well.. life goes on.

ooh hah tonight at midnight my mom and I went to 7-11 to get sodas. And when we were paying for it the cashier kept trying to hand me a lighter and saying "here" I thought he was trying to get me to smoke a cigarette or something and then he was saying how all the kids like it I was like OOkayy. then so finally I took it and pushed the button thing and it was supposed to shock me but it was kind a crappy one. ahh it was hilarous though. Kind of a "you had to be there" thing. I'm sure it had to do something with that it was midnight too.
ahh good times, good times.

wow that's kind of a lot. so I guess that's all for now.

Adios Muchachos
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hey, 09-07-03 3:12pm

cool journal. i'm rachel. yuppp. haha bye.

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