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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2003 at 12:10am
Current mood: depressed
Music: snow birds and townies- furthar seems forever
Subject: i feel like shit
link click*

yea thats my dad when i got bored... hes cool sometimes...i got bored and he let me give him a makeover...if you cant see the pic click on the link

murphy5532 (12:59:34 AM): well goin to bed...your like one of the coolest people to talk to haha sounds pathetic cus i dont even know you really but its true...too bad we dont live near each other cus we would party....but im me some time...peace
^^ matt said that a while ago... were two peas in a pod him and I

<33 cassie*lou
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09-01-03 12:44pm

that's cool that your dad let you do that haha..if i tried that he would get all hyper and he wouldn't leave me alone for a week..hehe..
oh yeah this is maria btw..sunnismiles32...i had to sign anonymoulsy cuz i have blurtynot whoohu lol

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lalala, 09-01-03 1:16pm

don't feel like shit, rachel loves you!

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Re: lalala, 09-01-03 1:31pm

yay! im loved!

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