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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2003 at 7:58am
Current mood: depressed
Music: matchbook romance-14 balloons
Subject: rest assured im moving on
my boyfriend is a fucking stupid asshole....
of course he gets home from deleware today but does he call me? no...instead he called kylie..did he forget i exist or something?

another thing happy fucking labor day, the day where its always shitty weather >-o

oh yea id like to give a special thanks to angela for not comming over when the rest of her family did and instead going to rens house and no one even thought to call and invite me...cuz ya know im just cassie after all and i have oodles of fun at home doing nothing by myself

ahhh labor day sucks

<33 cassie*lou
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gah, 09-01-03 9:10pm

labor day does suck! i woke up numb today, it was just horrible. yeah, well, i hope you feel better.

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09-02-03 2:28am

I'm sorry about the whole Sam thing... you'll get to see him in a few days. Hopefully that's a good thing. Damn the rain too!! Damn it all, it's so depressing and stuff

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and a happy fucking labor day to you too, 09-02-03 11:56am

yeah labor day and rain sucks
and so do people
but thats why i don't even acknowledge myself as a human
long live the alien race


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