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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2003 at 11:39am
Current mood: awake
Music: the drew carrey show
Subject: what happend to *us*
well today i had gymnastics practice....
i almost killed mr.suddaby doing back tucks on the trampoline..i like landed on him ahh it was horrible
and then i was like dying at practice i seriously think i have something wrong with me like my intestines blew up or soemthing...ahh it hurts so bad

i cant sleep right and sam just got in another fight..ahh it was horrible and i bawlled my eyes out...:(

LoserkidBnb: im sorry for all this shit i put you through you probally wont execpt that but i am sorry, and i dont know why im acting like this but i just need you to trust me with whatever little trust you have of me ill try to stop this
LoserkidBnb: now i love you
LoserkidBnb: and im sorry

i dont no what to do, i love him so much and were just like falling apart, our 6th month is on september 12 if we make it to that...

well img onna try to go to sleep now

<33 cassie*lou
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Cheer Up Emo Kid, 09-03-03 1:42am

Ur six month isn't far away and you'll get to see him at school all the time, and if it was meant to be, then it'll happen.... that's about all that I can say really. You'll know when you see each other all the time again, you'll just know how it's gonna be and hopefully it'll have a good outcome. Cheer up emo kid, b/c it gets better... but only with time. If u need someone to talk to, u know where u can turn to for some advice or just to talk even... Have fun at school :P


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good luck., 09-06-03 10:10pm

good luck with sam. he seems to care about you. =\

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