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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 8:23am
Current mood: tired
Music: matchbook romance- hollywood and vine
Subject: first day of school
i dont even know where to begin...

well my alarm clock didnt go off today but i still managed to wake up at 8....and caught the bus at 8:30..then met up with nicki and we went to homeroom
daves in my homeroom :) that kids awesome

we got our lockers and thank god i have the old ones cuz the newer ones are sooo confusing
and then we went to an assembly, and i ended up sitting between dave and ryan walker-grey
me and dave passed notes and stuff most of the time and i ripped out parts of my planner and gave them to ryan and he made designs with them hahahaha

the english teacher seemed nice, ryans in that class with me along with jaimie and christy
then i had biology and that class sucks major balls....i dont like most of the people in that class :(
then its lunch and i sit with jen jaimie satin lindsi tracey mal and a bunch of guys...its soo funny all they do is make fun of people
then i have intro to occ. that class seems fun, mal and krystal are in it with me :)
then i have health, and its cool
i have alot of 9th graders in that class but its all good

then we ran through our block two sceduales....
i have global and it seems ok, beth sits in front of me and hillary sits behind me haha
then its gym...and it sucks,,, jess is in it tho so its all good...but friggen mary and cait some of the people i hate the most are in that class....ugh figures right?
then i have math and that class seems cool, ashley and satin and marissa burkett are in it with me so its all good
then i have french, i sit with jess and i hate it
she yelled at me for looking out the door today cuz some guy walked out of the girls bathroom and i was watching him ughhh

i was so glad to be done with school but then i had gymnastics practice, i think i did really well with vaulting today but my friggen beam routine sucks ass ahh i hate coach with a passion
i wish i killed her doing cartwheels on beam today while she was "spotting me" she fuckin hurt my waist by like pulling on it and making me fall >:-()
then my mom took me to get subway haha and i came home talked to sam and then took a shower and did my *gasp* homework
it was easy tho...i have to do my block two homework still...:-/

thats about it i think im done for now....
"i think i can lick my eyeball" LMAO MARISSA hahahahaha thats the most random thing ive ever said...

<33 cassie*lou
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well..., 09-06-03 10:12pm

at least you have many friends at your school.

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