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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 9:07am
Current mood: blah
Music: matchbook romance-14 balloons
Subject: i pulled my utterus
girl 1: omg i ment to do a fly away but i did a sole circle
girl 2: that sucks maybe you should swing less next time
me to marissa: i can do a cast :)
a fly away is where you do a straddle on the bar and "fly" away
a cast is where you just kinda bounce on the bar
i guess you have to be a gymnast to under stand

me: ahh my stomach hurts i think i pulled something
suong: maybe you pulled your utterus
i laugh
suong: i mean stomach muscle

tomarrow i have off...i am going to sleep and hopefully see sam?

<33 cassie*lou
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09-03-03 9:24pm

hahaha i thought u were serious! i was very scared for u lol


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Re:, 09-05-03 7:29pm

yes indeed pulling your uterus would be terrible. how would you be able to have chris carabba's baby? i had a terrible experience in 3rd grade on a monkey bar does that count?

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