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charlessumnerthatsickfuck (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 10:08pm
Music: adam sandler, funny man
Subject: his hobbie is murder
yup, uhn. digdang dowg get down der in dat haller. unhun. yup. today boomhower was taken into custody by the Texas state institution for the insane. ah, good times. i had a crappy day. all my flies died. i still don't know who table top is. an enigma. and conundrum. a riddle if you will, ah. how was ur day? hum???? we need a study session. i already had to skip today. what, 6 days into the school year? that sux, i'm weak. oh well. it was legitimate right? i mean, my shirt smelled like ass, i had to change it. well toodels. ah, i'm going to call the bunny man. i'm sorry k-t my life is a shambles so it has taken me a while.
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09-03-03 11:18pm

but baylee, you're clothes always smell and this is the first time you've run home to change them. i think you were doing that there ex-ta-macy! you crazy hoodlum

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