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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 10:44pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: "Survivor" -Destiny's Child
Just a note before I really begin: That mood above is just for you Adam. There. Now you cannot say I never say giggle and you can accept the fact that when I say "gg" in an im, it does in fact mean "gotta go."

Fair warning, this will be a short entry. I am writing this as per Kristen's request, cause I think she had a good idea. In English class yesterday we were to write a paragraph about our personal hero using a tone of admiration and respect. Here's what I wrote:

The claymation brings hope to millions of children around the world. With one simple question he instills them with a confidence no one else can: "Can we fix it?" "Yes we can!" reply the wide-eyed children, as Bob the Builder builds and repairs any obstacles in his way. Not only does he help millions of children with self-confidence issues, but this one clay man has provided jobs for hundreds of unemployed talking tractors. He truly is a saint among us.

Thought I should share that with everyone in woohu-land. Actually, Kristen did, but I'm the one who actually did it. :-P

On a more issue-resolution-y note, I can feel the stress peeling away. Today was my first day in third hour band. (Yay!) It was great. I decided that band class sans krystle is not an option. As for next year....I don't know. Ask Mr. Lerner. The history test was another layer of stress relieved today. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I actually knew some stuff! =-O We had this really really REALLY hard assignment in French. It was like 20 verbs in a word bank and a sample letter with 42 blanks. Go. You have 25 minutes. ?!?!?! Good thing no one finished and we got to take it home. I was so screwed on that. I hope no one is expecting me to pass that IB exam...oh well. Short journal as promised, so I'm off. I'll post more tomorrow. Maybe.. ;-)
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09-04-03 7:51pm

you stole my line. i should have copy righted it, at least you could have quoted me. :) welcome to third hour.

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Re:, 09-04-03 8:05pm

My apologies.
"I don't know. Ask Mr. Lerner." (parenthetical documentation to Rich)

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LALALA, 09-04-03 7:59pm

W00T! So the best idea for this day's journal topic! I'm just good like that.

The relief after that test was amazing.. wow..

Hiya.. Rich..! lol


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09-04-03 8:28pm

That is the absolute BEST hero paragraph! HAHAHA! ^_^ Kristen was right, you needed to show that off to the world! *high five, Kristen*

3rd's an interesting place, especially with the occasional random IB music meeting thingy.

LoL, tsk tsk, Lauren, stealing Rich's lines!

Sorry about that French thing, that sounds completely... insane.

IB exams. *.* Nooooo.... I'm going to fail them all too, so don't worry. We can fail together! -.-'

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Re:, 09-07-03 5:14pm

worried about ib exams already? i have to take them at the end of this year and i'm just like... uh... well... i hope i pass them...

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