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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2003 at 11:43am
Current mood: working
Music: none
Subject: just random pics :)

thats me today on the first day of school

my mom me and then kylie

nate and josh, gotta love them!

i think my hair looks cool in this picture :) but it was from easter and i dont look the same ne more cuz its black underneath

oh well note me
<33 cassie*lou

ps. i know im not the prettiest thing you've ever seen so dont leave me hate notes telling me how ugly i am...
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09-05-03 7:41pm

hah im having fun reading your journals. i think your hair looks neat in that last pic. my friend pauline use to have hair like that but now it's like strawberry blonde.
lates <3

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dead serious., 09-06-03 10:14pm

your one of the prettiest people i've ever seen, inside and out.

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10-01-03 5:42pm

you aren't ugly... you are pretty... i wont leave you any hate notes.... and im not a lesbian either... so plz... don't get the wrong idea here... lol..... "note" me back if you wish to do so - Jessie

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