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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2003 at :54am
Current mood: depressed
Music: none
Subject: i bevlie in yesterday
im sick of this....
im sick of going to bed in tears
im sick of crying myself to sleep
im sick of being left out
im sick of being stuck at home becuz no one botherd to pick up the phone
im sick of being lonely

it feels like all my friends have been stolen from me
ex. caity, angela etc. etc.
especially angela....

whenever the group of them gets together i never get a phone call or notice of whats going on...but its funny how kylie sumhow gets one?

i havent even talked to ang in like two weeks maybe? except online and those dont even really count....

ughhhhhhh god damn it this isnt fair
its like in the past week my life has gone down the tubes and sentenced to be dammed

leave me some to cheer me up, i have to go and try and help matt :-/ poor kid
<33 cassie*lou
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Keep a Smile On, 09-04-03 1:24pm

It seems like things are horrible and that they're not getting better, but with time they will get better because someone told me that only time can heal some wounds, and that is very true. About your friends... just remember that people come and go into your life, but friends stay with you through the thick and the thin. :o) Maybe that will help cheer u up, maybe it won't... but I found my checkbook YAY!!

Things will get better with time, just give it a chance and don't sweat the little things. Until next time,


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Re: Keep a Smile On, 09-04-03 8:38pm

I know how it feels to be left out by friends...


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