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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2003 at 8:30am
Current mood: unwated
Music: finch- she burns
Subject: this this is the last time i will write to you
well i woke up at like 10 today and just lounged around the house...i went next door and played with the little kids for a little while
5 little kids tackled on me, it was interesting

then i had practice, im really sore and my coach is a fucking moron...i got my backhip circle down today tho, i was very excited and kept doing them till i got tierd haha

then i came home and took a shower and went to staples sam was there and i talked to him for a little bit :-/
a ton of people were there tho and i was about ready to kill my sister #$%^&

my dads being gay and he wont let me eat right now so i am about ready to go cannible and eat him hah
im starvingggg

all for now
im being stressed out and i hate my family
their all gay
<33 cassie*lou
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Eat, 09-05-03 12:24am

EAT EAT EAT... u should have eaten ur sister actually... lol j/k Can't go without eating for a while, I know how that is.... too bad ur coach is a moron... that's gotta suck hardcore, but u got a few showers today, so its all good.

Keep a Smile On... it gets better from here ... I think ...


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