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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2003 at 6:52am
Current mood: hurtinggg
Music: none
Subject: smile for an empty soul?
today i had school and all the seniors and juniors were wasnt that bad actually i got to my locker fine and stuff....

all my classes were good....i loveee my english class the teacher seems really cool :)

i got my lunch changed and its lunch 3 with all the freshman and junk so i eat with caity and heidi and sam and stuff...its all good

practice today was actually not that bad...there was lots of guys there for the special events meet and it was cool...

there was this one kid...who had the most beautiful smile i have ever seen...i like wanted to melt AND HE SAID HI TO ME i thought i was gonna like fall over or something ahhh it was soo perfect and pretty i wanted it haha

my legs are gonna fall of if i move ne more...we did pancakes and stuff and i got pushed to far and my legs are gonna die
im in so much pain i was crying on the way home...

everyones at the game right im a loser stuck at home on a friday night with nothing else to do :-/

im like never gonna see sam ever cuz i am always busy and then when i actually have time hes busy or with kylie or something

ughhh im gonna go drown myself in the shower now ttfn

<33 cassie*lou

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