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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2003 at 9:39pm
Music: thrice - kill me quickly
Subject: its about time I do a real update
Jeez, I musta bought this album around january, back when I started going to river. Everyone was telling me how awesome thrice was, so I thought what the hell. I gave it about 2 quick listens and I really didn't like it. Recently I gave it another listen, to see if I wanted to trade it in, but I found that I was really digginí the first track. I canít really say I like the rest of the album, but maybe I'm just unenlightened.
I also bought the new Deftones album this week. The songs are all rather slow, and some sound alike, but they surprisingly fit together perfectly, and make it a nice chill album. It's a little reminiscent of White Pony, but I don't find any of the songs on this album to be "single worthy," with the slight exception of Minerva.

Now on to bigger and better things.... My friendís mom told me I look like the guy from the show The O.C. But more importantly, I owe a big one to Heidi, Jess, Dave, and Alex. Sorry about the kegger. It turned into a buncha guys at the beach with an empty keg we couldn't get filled, and various other bottled beers. Sorry for not being home. I'll make it up to you guys. I promise.

But besides the alcohol, my life has been pretty lame. It seems that I have no free time anymore. When I don't have school or band practice, I'm working. It really sucks, but the money is good. Speaking of that, I'm getting a new tenor sax. I have twelve months of no interest to pay off, so I figure I'll be broke for the next year, and won't be driving until sometime after that.

Well stay tuned for the next tale, as our hero A.J. does absolutely nothing, and writes a whole entry about it. What pointless things will he say next? Tune in, same pointless website, same pointless journal. Good night folks!
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09-07-03 10:07pm

No one cares about the lack of alcohol. Except for Heidi, Dave, and Alex that is.

It's a pity none of us had your cell, the beach is nice at night.

Next time.

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09-08-03 3:54pm

Jess was freaking out about who'd drive if I drank anything before we even got off the highway.

I personally think there's a conspiracy to keep me from ever getting drunk again. And I'm probably right.

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