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LaLa91 (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2003 at 8:27am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: windowz media playa (bonnie n Clyde)
Subject: hey ppl
Hey evry 1, as we all kno skool has started n itz a brand new year... ppl hav changed, thingz hav happened, n crap has 2 b sed! Ive already made a few new frendz!!!
i'd say the best frend ive made so far iz kayla goldman/marcain (lol)/betty!!! she iz the best person in the world. shez nice, sweet, funnii, cool, outgoing , n VERY good @ basketball! lol go gurl!
my new "bestest frend" iz matt, hez so stupid that hez funnii!
brittany bridgewater iz fun 2 talk to, i sit in front of her in mr. bissel class n we make fun of him fur "flurting" with miss will!! lol we kno itz tru! he just cant admit it b/c he has a grl frend!! i saw pics!! (dont worry, they werent nastiful!!) ne wayz r u happy nic... i dont lyk him!!! bac off!!raquel iz so0o0o nice! shez one of the nicest ppl i kno!heather... i really wanna c u with ur braces off!!! call me sumtym! christina dunn iz cool 2... we sit by eachother during lunch but we dont talk that much.... amanda a. im so glad we're frendz this year!!! i didnt really kno u that well last year so "nice 2 meet ya!" lmao Ethan i met during the summer but hez nice 2... now hez goin out with sum grl... now he cant evn saii hey to me in the library b/c hez 2 good fur seventh graderz now, ryt ethan??? i still luv ya!lol
amanda iz hilarious... shez in mr faase'z class with me, shez so loud!
maegan iz awesum shez in pe with me, hilary *(my partner) i'm so glad we're goin on the feild trip 2 gether... u get 2 carry me in the deep partz!lmfao. n bryan, ive known him 4 a while but now he'z 2 good 2 say hi to me in skool! all h@terz bounce (that meanz u bryan!) lol just pullin ur toe (lol, bailey) n bailey, my home grl who i couldnt liv without, i luv ya grl! ur my bestest frend alwayz n furever!!!!! lol (manager!)
n wizzle, ur also 1 of my best frendz!!! (nnnnhhhhaaaa) lol... kristi, i miss u so0o0o0o much, we hav to do sumthin soon! we havint spent hte nyt in what 5 weekz!! thatz a problem! lol call me sumtiym n we can do sumthin!!!!! i gotta bounce
`.. I LoVe YoU
.`* .*)
(_.* .* Love always, LaLa~

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09-10-03 8:59pm

yes Kayla... we do need to get together!!! well i gotta bounce sry so short.. luv yaZZ bye byeZZ HoLLa @achta gurl Kristi

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hey sweetums!, 09-10-03 9:12pm

hey! yes i need to show u my teeth!:-D they are *BEAUTIFUL*! lol well im gonna bounce...i'll ttyl..xoxo buh bye!

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PRETTY GIRL NUM1, 09-11-03 6:22pm

Hey babii,
i luv u to death ur ly my sis now ill alwaiis be here for you u mean so much to me i never thought i could lyk someone as much as i lyk u in such a short time... i got a good feelin bout our friendship!! xoxo

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