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Swissarmyromance (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2003 at 9:36am
Current mood: i have to pee again
Music: piano from dads office
Subject: i belive in yesterday
i heart brandNew: happy [be-lated] birthday to you, happy [be-lated] birthday to you, happy [be-lated] birthday dear cassie, happy [be-lated] birthday to you!:-)

*Cassie Lou* <--hope i spelled that right..
hey darlin! just wanted to leave you a message, sorry i couldn't relate the message to you yesterday on your actual know how computers are..retarded.:-(but i love you and hope you had a great one! xxoo <33
with love,

Rejectwlkngalone: hi cassie i love you
Rejectwlkngalone: its just i was having like this big i hate everyone week to a month and like i am ok now and i want to say sry for like not talking to you and not saying happy birthday on your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Rejectwlkngalone: and sry

i had an OK day i guess....
some stuff happend that really upset me/pissed me off/ hurt me/ made me sad

so i had an OK day

me and dad were having fun picking songs to burn to cds for floor stuff hah

im out
<33 cassie*lou
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