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wafflehouse (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2002 at 12:21am
hmm...long time since i've updated...anyways... oy vei...crappy, crappy day. i don't care to go into details stressfull...too close, still. if you wanna know, ask me about it.
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09-04-02 11:14pm

Give me a call, homeslice:

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09-07-02 1:04am

Hey, havent talked to hardly at all the past few months...what's going on? I heard you're going to GRCC, is this true? So am I. What days do you have class, what time? Dude, if we could hang out that would be so cool.

How's life treatin' ya? By the sound of your entry it doesnt sound good...explain, i can always try and help.

Give me call sometime or something, we gotta catch up on things. Love ya.

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