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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2003 at 11:39pm
Current mood: sick

Whisper | Evanescence
Subject: Catch me as I fall..

Konnichiwa minna-san.
-sneezes- Well. I don't feel verreh good, I think I'm catching a cold.. Which is a bad thing. This school year, I want a perfect attendence record, which I doubt will happen.. But it's worth a shot.. But if I get sick, that will get in the way. -sighs- Oh well. Wee, learning Japanese is fun, especially in school. -luffs her school- I'm so tired though, getting up at 5 in the morning is killing me. Alright, it you haven't gotten it yet, I go to a magnet school.. And my major is Japanese.. I'm a freshman this year.. I get up at 5 am everyday, and don't get home until almost 4 pm every day. Sooo... Days are very long now that I'm not in middle school.. And keeping my GPA to a C will be hard.. But I'll do it! Anywho, I like.. Anime.. Okies.. So I *LOVE* anime.. But yeah... That's some basic information for the time being.. I'm going to continue to work on my journal. Ja mata ne minna-san.


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o_o!, 09-16-03 1:46am

Hello =]

Just browsing around, stumbled across your journal, read your entry and decided you're a c00 person =]

We have a lot in common oO;; We like Evanescence, anime, yaoi, Japanese and etc. o.o;;

So yah.. lol.. oO;;

Later =]

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Re: o_o!, 09-18-03 7:10pm

^^ Konnichiwa!

Yay! Well, it's kind of neat to actually have people reading my journal and such. o_o; The other journal sites are so populated it's hard to really get many people you don't know to read. ^^ Anywho, I'm going to add you.. :D Hope to see you post some more. ^^ And I'll read yer journal.. o.o woah, it took me two days to reply to this.. -fears what school has done to her- Anywho. Ja mata ne.

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Hehe, 'lo there, 09-17-03 2:27am

Just dropping by... checked out interest. :D -big grin- Kay, that's about it, just wanted to say hello!

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Re: Hehe, 'lo there, 09-18-03 7:12pm

=^n.n^= Mrew. Oi. Glad to know people are looking at my journal. :x I was surfing the site before I actually signed up and found your journal, funny you happened to stummble on mine and reply. ^^ anywho, I'm going to add yew, if you don't mind. Hope to talk to you more. Ja mata ne!!

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