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Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper (profile) wrote,
on 9-17-2003 at 7:25pm
Current mood: aware of my mortality
Subject: She said she said "I know what it's like to be dead"....
Hidey ho everyone. I'm attempting to figure out this ockfod dealy. Yes. I'm not quite sure how it's different from a friends list but we'll see....

I was talking to a guy from church today who said he was driving on the expressway and saw a semi-truck sideswipe an suv in his rearview mirror. The suv rolled over a bunch of times. The semi didn't stop. So then, he got off the expressway but thought he should go back, so he did. The cops were there, and there was a body in the road. Random stuff from the car was scattered everywhere. There was a kid's carseat, but luckily no kids were in the car. A family is mourning tonight. Some little kid is wondering where her mommy went. Some dad is trying to explain to this child that she'll never see her mother again.

For 30 seconds I felt like I was dying. I am convinced that it is the most peculiar sensation.

It kinda reminds me of a line from Walk 2 Moons- "She can't be dead. She was alive just a minute ago."
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:(, 09-17-03 7:46pm

thats very sad.. death is so very easy to come by *tear*

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09-17-03 7:53pm

I love that book. And that quote is one I think of a lot. That's tough to feel.

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09-17-03 8:15pm


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09-17-03 8:29pm

I heard about that from Mat. He and his friend that were carpooling with, it happened right in front of them. It scared me.

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