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DaBeStYoUgOt69 (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2003 at 11:02am
Current mood: quixotic
Music: Ashanti (dunno what song)
Subject: what does this mean?
what does quixotic mean?? is that a word? who uses that word? smart ppl or ppl who just kno what that means??? can anyone answer these questions?? i dunno! am i just talkin to the air? or the keyboard! i like this jounal thing! it is so awesomely cool! idf that is a word! i feel like a blonde! im talkin to my friends online and i am sayin stupid stuff, this guy names josh said he is goin to ID i said idaho right? or that is the only i state he said well there is also illinois iowa and indiana, im like........i feel blonde lol well n e who enough about me, well actually it isnt concidering this is my journal! r u supposed to act like ur talkin to someone or just writin what happened this week or day or something? i dunno! my tummy hurts real bad! its not cool! how does ur tummy feel when it hurts?? mine hurts like the dickens....haha! well i ought to be goin

The game!!!!

i went to the football game! we lost :-( 25 to 15! it sux! me and my friend amanda were havin so much fun, we were cheerin for the football team and at the half time, the band played and we cheered for our buddies in the band (shoutout to james!!) and i dressed in school colored knee socks and everything it was so pimp! i got so many compliments! hehe and i saw this guy whjo i havent seen in forever! it was good to see him sincd he dont go to our school n e more :-( i used to have a thing for him hehehe well i ought to be goin now later!

Luv ya artie!

Much love

Boricua power!

Go vikings!! (try to win vikings!!)
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09-20-03 11:57pm

Vikings? Do you go to Northeast High?

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Re:, 09-21-03 9:36am

yes i do! how did u know???? which high school do u go to?

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