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wafflehouse (profile) wrote,
on 9-9-2002 at 4:16pm
Imagine my car as a person...we'll call him Mikey...Now, imagine me taking my 12 gauge shotgun, loading it with 3 inch magnum shells, and blowing his fucking head off...that's what I would like to do to my car...peace.
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=[, 09-09-02 4:25pm

I hate my car too, but mine still seems nicer than yours. Although mine coulda gotten me killed if I was still on the freeway when it happened. Good thing I could tell something was wrong and got off on that exit. It died right there on the exit ramp. But at least I'm getting mine back on Wednesday. Sorry to hear bout it darlin...

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09-12-02 1:32pm

One time my car pooped out on me in the middle of nowhere at a horse farm. Another time 5 miles in any direction from a town, again middle of nowhere and at a ranger station that no one was working at... In the dark and pouring rain. It's better now. I <3 my car.

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