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Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2003 at 8:23pm
Subject: fun fun!
I just got back from my friends grandma's house. We're gonna make a haunted house and hayride there for halloween. Which brings me to the point of this entry. We need people to help us scare the little kiddies. So if any of y'all wanna pop out at 7 year olds, let me know.

After we got done doing our haunted house stuff, we went and drove her grandpas pickup truck in the field behind their house. It was a blast!! That truck is really old. It didn't even have seat belts. I almost went flying thru the windshield a couple times. Loo, we found a mouse in it too and freaked out. Yes, I had fun today.

That is all. I hope y'all had good sundays.
See ya tomorow.
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09-21-03 8:47pm

I'll help uh come along!

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09-21-03 9:38pm

Well, I normally do scare kids without even trying...

So maybe it would be fun to do it on purpose for once...

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09-21-03 11:49pm

Hehe! Sounds like fun to me Kelly! Count me in, for now...

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09-22-03 5:44pm

ill help out, sounds like fun stuff. boo.

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