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Holiday (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2002 at 11:27pm
Current mood: I'm okay
Music: nothing, it's extremely quiet
Subject: Tired- by Holiday
Another day, Another night,
I go through this without a fight,
Most people met are insecure,
Lacking something, not impure,
Tiring cycles, but where do they lead?
No one will know, will I succeed?
Hours have passed, another day has gone by, but how will we know,
if we never try?
It's hard to do, and harder to say, but somehow there must be a way,
A way to end this, there is one way,
but it's no good,
and it's not okay,
Will it ever be okay?
It has to work out somehow, someday,
But if that someday never appears, now how do we deal with our sadness and fears?
Somehow, someone, someday, will show,
and take those feelings away for now,
but they'll never go away forever,
they'll always be there when we sever.

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