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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2003 at 10:47pm
Current mood: tired
Music: In The End | Linkin Park
Subject: In the end it doesn't even matter
I'm back. ^^ Eh, thanks for the help on adding friends. >>; I'm such an idiot. Heh.. Yeah. I'm such a journal whore. Did you all know that? -laughs- I have far too many journals, and can't even cusomize them very well still.. I can't even make good icons. I want to learn how to make those really cool .gif icons. ^^; But yar. I got back from Cherry Creek last night. There were a lot of mice.. The cats that kept them away died.. To be blunt. Heh.. It was so gross.. We found two dead mice in the kitchen, and there were so many maggots that the mice and this thing was moving. -cringes- It was gross. But we still had a good time.. We rode the ATV's.. But were disappointed to find we don't get Anime Network up there. ;.; It was depressing. But hey, I had a feeling her dad was wrong when he said they got it. We got in so late last night, so I stayed over at Amanda's last night. ^^; Her brother and his friends are such punks.. But I love them anyways. School starts up again tomorrow. Joy. Just where I don't want to go. Oh well, I'll get to see my friends.. That's always good.. And fun. Anywho.. Back to my RP.. Oh.. And here are my other journals if you're interested in checking them out. Ja mata ne minna-san.


I'm going ( under )

I'm going
>under< -- Arissa

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ph43r the journal-whore-ness, 09-25-03 1:05am

I have about a million too. -_-; -waves little flags-

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Re: ph43r the journal-whore-ness, 09-26-03 9:01pm

xD Lmao. Yeah.. Well.. I made yet another one a few nights ago.. Keeping it  [ 
Dark  ]
I'll probably continue using this one the most though.. I haven't even worked on that journal. x.o Anyyyywhoo!

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Anime Rules!!!, 09-25-03 9:49pm

It's okay... I can't do icons decent either. Sorry about the mice. Hey, I don't even get Anime Network... what are you whining about. Hey, what's your faves? Mine are Blue Gender and Outlaw Star.


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Re: Anime Rules!!!, 09-26-03 9:05pm

Lol. Yaym I'm not alone. ^^; Well, I was hopeing I got AN.. but oh well. -yawns- My favs? InuYasha, not the dub, I hate that dub.. Even if I did get Richard Cox's autograph. ;x .. And DNAngel.

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