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KTHPKC (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2003 at 7:24pm
Current mood: meh meh meh
Fwooosh! And KTHPKC comes onto the community like a pack of turtles!

Sorry, i was oh so tempted to say i did...

Anywhos, just to updatey all y'alls, no more trillian on me computer...which means no more AIM *sob cry* i'll miss talking to andres and brett and tracey!!!!!

By the way, need to have your mum or dad sign a piece of paper and write down that you're allowed to view all the anime in anime club cuz you need a parental unit's signature to view Akira tomorrow...i'd try to inform you on the phone, but i can't remember your phone number at the moment *rolls eyes and whispers "silly ed" to self*

wheeee!!!!! that's all folks! cheers!
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09-24-03 7:37pm

I like cheese.

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09-24-03 10:54pm

Ah nuts, I'll miss talking to you too, KT...

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09-26-03 4:04pm

man.. that sucks! no more aim for you :( or andres :( :( can you just download regular aim...?

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