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Arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2003 at 9:07pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Aitsu | Dicot
Subject: Aitsu..
Well I've had a very busy week. x.o Yes I have. Wensday I didn't get home from school until 10 pm. A few of my friends and me stayed after until Open House started. ^^ It was really fun! But I was so tired when I got home. The 'Asia Pacific Club' took place after school, it's more like a Japanese club though.. They talked about Anime and stuff. Jessica, Tiff, and I walked up to Neonopolis to play Pump! since they don't have DDR.. But you had to buy some card or something.. And we didn't have too much money so we just got drinks. xD Appearently a bunch of other LVA students had the same idea to stay after too.. And go play Pump.. I saw a bunch of kids there, and also my friend Winston. -cackles- I love chacing him around and grabbing his 'chest'. ^^; But so we went back to the school and the kids were watching Fruits Basket.. Though I missed the first two episodes due to our little trip, I got to watch two and a half episodes. So I can finally say I saw it! Awre, and it was cute.. Even if we did watch the dub. Then sensei kicked us out of his class room so he could go to the theater. xD .. But we got to meet his girlfriend. She was so cute! ^^; .. But yeah, so my and my friends sat in front of the theater until it opened... xD And we were a 'fire hazard', God we're cool.. Man my school is talented.. Our chiour, our band, our orch., art departent, theater deparment, my school really does only accept the best. Ew my school is cheesy. xD We watched a video called 'Pirates of the Lost Talent' as a paraody to 'Pirates of the Carribean', with our teaches and stuff. It was so funny.. And everyone at thje theater started singing 'Yooo hooo yooo hooo a pirates life for mmeeee!' when it started playing.. ^^; But anyways, enough about my open house.. Also, Wensday this guy from the Navy came into Japanese, and he was hot. xD He was 24.. And already married of course. ;.; .. But anywho.. He lived in Japan for three years when he was stationed out there, and said he plans on living out there later in his life.

Nothing much happened yesterday.. But today I was such a ditz.. I poured a thing of ranch down my front on my pants and jacket, and then when I got home I ran into my grandma's door, knocked the breathe out of me, and cut my hip..

... Also.. I hate football... I thought you all should know that.. Foot ball should die. We've been playing it in PE. And I've hated it.. but the game today was actually fun. And I CAUGHT THE BALL! And for once I caught a ball with my hands, not my face. xD That happens a lot. This is the first ball I caught all year.. it really made me feel good.. ^^; .. But yar..

Last, but of course not least, I ordered the second InuYasha movie last night! ^^!!! And it's on it's way.. I can't wait to watch it. it's been out for almost a month, and I finally am going to have it, I've been wanting to see it for SO LONG.

Okies. enough of my rambling.. Geez, I wonder how long this post is going to be. Ah well. Sorry! >>; I'm off to go see my cousin now. I haven't seen him in about a year. ^^; He traveled around the world.. That lucky ho. I'll post later. Ja mata ne minna-san.


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WhoA, 09-27-03 3:37pm

Yar... seems like you had a fun time! ^_^

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Re: WhoA, 09-28-03 6:09pm

You know.. I really did. xD ..

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