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confused+abused (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2003 at 9:42am
Subject: Partaaay
Um... our night was fun... to say the least. First I went to a party at Janices... which was ok till someone decided to tell us the cops were coming so i ended up going home at like 9. Then Apryl came and got me this is where the real fun started. We went to this party on 20 mile, where her boyfriend was in the band. We met a lot of new people. The wierdest part was that the party was like the ones in movies... with like keg stands and people passing out and coming up missing...(Birk/the real redneck) there were beer bongs and girls taking their shirts off... everyone got soooo drunk last night... AND COWBOYS!!!... hot ones too... there were such a diverse group of people like everyone from Kent City was there.. Brandon came :). well John was a hottie that i met... next time there is a party i am bringing my camera... When I woke up this morning at Jasons, I went to step off the chair and almost stepped on someones face. There were guys in their underwear sitting around drinking coffee at like 4 or 5 in the morning.
Before we went to sleep Jasons brother came up the stairs in his underwear... and reminded me of Orange County Greats times...

Butt Lube
all double B words sound funny hahaha
Hey this time Apryl got away with lying to her parents... not like mine ever notice anyways right?
Live it up!
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09-28-03 10:11am

YES!!!! we have the greatest times..a movie party!!!!

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Re:, 09-28-03 9:58pm

great times see what all you people miss out on by not being around us hahaha

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