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arissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2003 at 10:15pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: Never Again | Nickel Back
Subject: Tonight she'll find out how fuckin' tough is this man, pulls the trigger fast as she can.. Never again.
-.-; Oi, minna-san.

Arissa ish having a verreh bad day. You should all take pity on her. -_o What happened your asking? Everything..

Well, I have to get up at 5 every morning so I'm sure you can see what my mornings are like.. Esspecially Mondays. The only plus to this morning was I got to see Katie.. She has to ride the bus all week.. Ha ha. But because she was on the bus, I didn't get to sleep, I was too busy talking to her. -.-; So I was uber-tired all day.. Well.. This morning wasn't really that bad.. I was busy showing off my realleh good Angel Sanctuary Setsuna and Kira yaoi that I drew. :3 .. But that's beside the point.. I'd say it all started during lunch when, for the second time in 4 days, I pour Ranch down my front, and on everyone around me in the lunch room. ^^ Yeah, I'm so cool.. Oh, and right before lunch I found out my friend, Misty, got a class change because our teacher added another Geo Class for Jap II students so he seperated J I and J II. So I don't have any classes with her. I also don't have english with my friend Jessica.. So I won't get to see her much. u.u; .. Bah. Then in Biology I poured dirt all over my in the lab because I was the only one really working at first. Then my friends being idiots, knocked over the cup of dirt and water and got that on me, the ground, themselves (slightly), and the counter.. Guess who got to clean it up.. ^^ Good job. Me! -.-; Need less to say I was a little annoyed. Then my Biology teacher yelled at e for working on our Lab Reports while he was talking.. he didn't tell us to stop working while he was talking, don't know what got his fucking panties in a bunch. And on the bus, I pulled out my Evanescene CD, and found it was smashed, it has two HUGE cracks.. So my favorite CD doesn't work. Yeah, I almost started crying.. And my friend, Corina, has been acting weird.. She has been acting like she wants nothing to do with me anymore. O.o; And I don't know if I did something to her or what.. She had a bug crush on my at the beginning of the year, and then suddenly stopped really saying anything to me.. Yeah, it's nice she doesn't have a crush on my anymore.. but still. u.u; So I tried talking to her on the bus today and she was too busy with conversations with her other friends.. So I give up on her.. So I was really depressed on the bus, I just sat there very quiet.. On the bus for me to actually go home, I just had it so I finishedmy lab report, and went to sleep until we got to the Bus Stop.. I felt bad leaving Katie there alone but oh well.. She got over it. Home wasn't any better. I ahd t watch Foot Ball. Joy.. Then we went to Panda Express.. And once against I dumped food on my.. And dropped my cup.. And I was sitting there, waiting for my mom and grandma to finish eating, when my mom poked my boob, and pointed out some where during my meal I got even MORE food on me.. u.u; And on a fish net shirt, of all things.. So they dropped me off at home, and are at the store at the moment.. not even 5 minutes home, I found Aki got into some chicken.. I fixed that, ran up the stairs with my soda in my hand.. And fell.. Spilled the soda, and slammed my head.. I have a headache right now.. u.u I hit my head, hard.. So I laid at the top of my stairs crying for a while.. And finally got Online.. Not to mention me and my mom kept fighting yesterday.. I haven't been having a very good past 4 days.. Oh yes..

And my InuYasha wasn't here today.. how disappointing..

Also.. Congrats to Amanda's aunt Kayoko, who gave birth to a baby boy today at about 1 pm.. Though I don't know her.. Still, congrats..

And AGAIN. Jappy birth Jon who doesn't have a computer and will never see this and I don't even know. xD .. x3 I WILL meet Jon this weekend.. -will- ... -swears she will-

Okies.. enough ranting.. That should be enough for you to take pity on me. xD Luff yew all..


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