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makeawish (profile) wrote,
on 10-8-2003 at 8:52pm
Current mood: bored
Subject: community info
yea...so0o...ive decided that maybe we could change this into a layouts community? i know i get bored a lot...but i think it would be kinda cool...does woohu have one of those anyways?
no one posts here at all anymore, so im thinking about posting at the boards.
this isnt official yet, but oh well...just a thought.

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this is tainted13, 10-26-03 11:39am

dude this is crazyness your interests are almost identical to mine. crazy crazy.

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01-17-05 10:45am

That would be a cool idea. I could help make layouts...x3

I do all of my own original layouts ^^

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11-04-05 12:34pm

If this is a community, should you put the purpose of the community in the "bio" part of the profile?

Just a thought.

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