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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-8-2003 at 9:49pm
Current mood: upbeat
Music: The Impossible Dream - Man of La Mancha
Today, wow. hectic. it started with the officer meeting where hasko wanted to cancel the halloween party because she says we all hate each other and dont get alone. its half true, we are all assholes to each other but we dont all hate each other. whatever, i hope she doesnt cancel the party. then hasko pulled me into her office and told me she read my journal and read all the stuff i've said about her. it was rather akward. i tried to explain to her that i was just frustrated with her and that i do truly like and respect her but she didnt seem to believe me. she got mad that i called her a tyrant and other things, i dont remember what i wrote. well it was just me blowing off steam, i mean she yells at me and calls me egotistical to blow off steam so why cant i do the same? whatever, she asked me not to mention her in my journal anymore. well i wont blow off steam in here anymore about her. ok after that was drama 2. at the beginning of class i started to feel kind of sick, dont know why very random, probably from lack of sleep, it had just caught up with me. so for like 45 mins i felt like shit but then brille, sam, and I did our scene and rocked. although sam didnt let me do my best line of the scene!!! but everyone liked it and even hasko did. Yeah i take credit for the success of the scene. hasko had told brielle that she didnt like the scene and brielle freaked out that she wasnt gonna get an 'A' so i had to reassure her that it would do well. but i'm very proud of them, they did well. then in drama 1 steph co came in and we hung out in the music library and talked all period. it was SO much fun. i love steph co, she always brightens up my day. in MT we got to work on individual crap. OH! Funny story from last night that i forgot about. I was talking to jessica cleary online and i was like oh we should have become friends sooner and shes like we were friends sooner, we went out in 6th grade! and i was like yeah i remember that but we never broke up so technically we're still going out. and shes like yeah! i tell people about that sometimes and i'm like really!? thats a running joke with my friends and I! it was funny that we both talk about how we went out in 6th grade. MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST GO OUT NOW!!! (i didnt say that but would have liked to) ok well after MT i went home slept for 20 mins then went to "On With The Show" rehearsal. we blocked the beginning of act 2. i dont feel like this show is getting anywhere, it just feels weird. well after that i had my voice lesson but by then my throat hurt, ouch. so i sounded really strained. so after the lesson i went home at real fast and then went to godspell rehearsal. tonight was fun! i got to sit down tonight instead of always standing! phew. we recorded ourselves singing so we could memorize our parts and we sound really good. And i started to make friends with people tonight. Gisbert the german guy is SO COOL! i love him. and his voice is so amazing! i started talking to some of the girls in the cast and one girl was like hey were you in "Funny Girl"? and i'm like yeah i was eddie and shes like YEAH!! i knew it!! You were sooo good in that!! i love it when people recognize me from past shows. well all we did was sing and record tonight but it was fun, my throat stopped hurting cuz i rested it between voice lessons and rehearsal so i was ok. well thats all. tomorrow is another day. holly comes home friday. HOW EXCITED AM I?!?!!?

~Shout Outs~

Brielle, Sam, Danielle, JT, Chris Burgos, Steph Co, Kayla, Gladys, Joey Venck, Gisbert, Gary, Gianna, Angela

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10-09-03 3:44pm

omg!! is that angela miller?....shes soo sweet!! well feel better!! xoxo

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10-09-03 5:21pm

Thanks for listening to me bitch.. I miss talking to you!

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11-03-03 10:24pm

Nice journal. I say screw everyone ur opnions about things are just as important as everyone elses and if they dont like it oh well they should just live with it..well sorry to hear ur closing that journal just wanted to comment take care..

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