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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2003 at 4:30pm
Subject: IT'S MY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!
wow today was cool...tiring but cool...i dyed my hair last night a better shade of red (kinda)...& i'm in a good mood...i can't wait to see joey tonight...i'm kinda bumed that denisse won't be here tonight...she's got a speech meeting so yeah...but hopefully everything will be alright...i wonder what else joey got yeah...THANK YOU DANNY SO MUCH OMG...he burned me the origin cd from evanescence...the one you can find cheapest @ $155 on ebay!!...& he burned me a mixed cd too...THANX YOU MEAN SOMETHING TO ME HONESTLY...NEVER LEAVE ME & KEEP YOUR PROMISES PLEASE...

i'm 17...& i like it already! ;)
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Happy BirthDay, 10-13-03 11:30pm

Hey becky happey birthday, I wish I could have been there to enjoy ur brithday with u, but we both know why that would be able to happen. Anyways i hope you have fun tonight as for me, im going to head to the dunes and make a fire and just rethink what i stand for. Things arent good, heh are they ever?. But anyways today is your day happy birthday. I hope lina isnt getting on ur neves again lol. p.s. tell me when u want me to take u to get ur "special gift".

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HEEEY, 10-14-03 12:50am

I wish you a happy sorrowful 17th Birthday.

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10-14-03 3:58pm

happy birthdayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

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thanx everyone..., 10-15-03 1:12am

i had a really good bday...thanx to those who cared & made it a kick ass bday...esp the ones who commented...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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