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adiosesposito (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2003 at 11:41pm
Music: polysics
There is no way to sugarcoat it: Kill Bill was arguably the best two hours of my life. I have a fucking euphoric feeling, and ain't no Japanese Yakuza is going to silence me.

Seriously, Tarantino has outdone himself. Fuck Mallrats, Fuck Rushmore, Fuck Big Lebowski, and oh no, maybe, just maybe, fuck Pulp Fiction. Kill Bill reigns supreme in my heart and my soul at this hour.

Sometimes life really does feel wonderful, and that, my friends, is not some bullshit insincere one-liner.

Drew R.
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my big lebowski, 10-14-03 6:52pm

fuck lebowski!?!?!
fuck pulp fiction!?!?
fuck you bitch. those are the 2 of the greatest films ever made. that statement would never come from the Drew Daniel Rosensweig that i know.

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Re: my big lebowski, 10-14-03 11:07pm

Drew Richard Rosensweig*

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10-14-03 9:38pm

Wiggle your big toe.

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10-26-03 9:24pm

Hey, I stumbled upon your journal and thought I should say hello.

I like your writing a lot. You have a very polished style and some of it is just plain hilarious.
Keep writing, Drew! : )

- Amanda

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disappointed, 05-28-06 5:11pm

Drew, As an educated young man, "Don't you have more words in your vocabulary than some uneducated crack addict on the street?"

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