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JB1863 (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2003 at 12:58am
Current mood: insecure
Music: Leaning On A Lampost - Me & My Girl
alright today was long and tiring. drama 2 this morning i did more improv, it was SO much fun this morning. i did a lot of fun games with them and they did really well with them too. i love my drama 2 people. alright in drama 1 not much happened. Musical theatre again not much happened. then i went home for senior priv and then came back to learn the dance for the audition. We all got to meet Rocky Duvall. He is AWESOME! he's a great choreographer so far and is really funny and just all around cool. we learned 2 combinations, an easy regular dance combo and a tap combo (which reminded me i desperately need new tap shoes) they both werent hard at all. so after that i went home and then came back for MT rehearsal, i came at 7 instead of 6:30 cuz i wasnt trying out for You Cant Stop The Beat so hasko said they'd be done at 7, they didnt finish until around 7:45. so i just hung out there and watched and did nothing. well after that we finished choreographing fame, its done. afterwards i came home and did nothing, UGH. i'm insecure about a girl right now. and i hate being insecure...its totally not my style...

~Shout Outs~

Drama 2 kids, Rocky Duvall, Chris Burgos, Jessica Cleary, Joey Venck

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10-17-03 12:06pm

insecure in what way? if i may ask

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10-17-03 2:16pm

oh justin braun.... Didn't you know that girls are evil! wink wink

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10-17-03 3:26pm

YEAH ROCKY DUVALL!! he's so cool! don't be insecure. you're right, it's not your style.

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