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Rina (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2003 at 3:23pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Green Day
Subject: eh?
Hey all.
I'm talkin to my stoned cheerleader! Crazy night last night. A bit tired though. Went to sleep late, of course, and when I woke up at 12:30 this afternoon *cough*lazybum*cough*, I took out my hair and it was oobercurly. :D
sweetness in a can, right Andie? yea man. Hope you had fun with batboy lmao!!
BUFFALO WINGS!!!!!! ksshhht.. gotta clean those ears hahahaha Anyways... danced the night away with no shoes (duh) and had mucho funo.. sad we couldnt set anything on fire bwahahahahahaha!!! yes, i am pure evil.. Lots of people at the dance.. no luck scouting with chrissie lmao
hey man, SAVE A HORSE! hot cowboy a few inches away..
Lindsalo=call my fucking mother!! lmao
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last night, 10-19-03 3:49pm

hey yo rina its the stoned cheerleader. sweetness in a can!! oh yeah! last night--mucho funo/ to the windooooow to the wall. BUFFALO WINGS! your lucky i didnt do that when they were announcin the king and queen hahah. go clean your room!
ThE sToNeD cHeErLeAdEr!~!~!

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Re: last night, 10-19-03 4:23pm

Yea man!! I had sooo much fun! im so glad you didn't! i wouldve found a way to embarass anyways.. pure evil, remember? I dont want to clean! my bio hw is waiting for me *twitches* AP sucks. grrr

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