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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2003 at 8:27pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: Shut Da FUCK Up- Soulfly
Subject: I....-dramatic pause- HAVE RETURNED!!

Oh admit it, you missed me.
Yup, you did. Stop trying to deny it, baby. -grin- Now your probably wondering, Just where the hell did I go? Nowhere. I just forgot I had a journal...(Yes, I know I'm smart thank you very much.)

-cough- Moving right along....I no longer have an obsession with Tristan! He can go to hell for all I care! ^__^ Nope, I'm back to my obsession with my cynical sarcasm "Stay the fuck away from me", Jesse.

Conversation Going on Between Us Right Now:::~
(Me!) SatiricalxLove: I have returned, did you miss me? -grin-
Him: Horribly.
SatiricalxLove: -pokes your nose- I'll ignore the sarcasm, for the sake of my dream world.
Him: You do that
SatiricalxLove: -pouts- You're no fun.
Him: Why do you say that?
SatiricalxLove: Welll...I'm not sure. -blink- ...I knew I shouldn't have drunken that brandy-colored stuff in the refrdigerator...
SatiricalxLove: -kicks typos- -_-
Him: ....
SatiricalxLove: -laughs and pokes you, yet again- That's why your no fun. -grin-
Him: ...okay then.
SatiricalxLove: -tackle- You should talk more. -blink-
Him: But then I can't annoy you
SatiricalxLove: Who says you annoy me? You just slightly irk me at times. -grins evily before cuddling you-
Him: *passes out from far too much human contact*
SatiricalxLove: -blinks- ...I wonder if it's possible to die from that. -poke-
Him: *twitch*
SatiricalxLove: Eeeeh..Maybe more human contact will help. -snicker-
Him: *wakes up* No! no! I'm fine. No more contact is neccessary!
SatiricalxLove: -laughs-
SatiricalxLove: I thought so...
SatiricalxLove: -cuddles you anyway-
Him: Eep! *goes comatose*
SatiricalxLove: -Blink- ... -cough-
Him: *twitch*

Yes, there's soooo much love in our 'wonderful' relationship. It's just some-what one-sided...

Oh yeah! Who just made the biggest understatement ever? I did! Go me! -happy dance-

...This just in, that was not the biggest understatement. "George Bush is an idiot who does a bad job" is.

Well, I'm off...And also bored out of my already insane mind. T__T

If you have aim, IM me!: SatiricalxLove. NOW!

Yeah, that's right bitch. XD

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10-23-03 2:48am

Hey. I missed you! Woohoo!! I'm the first one to comment. Yay! Well, glad you're back. G2G. Buh-bye.

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Re:, 10-25-03 7:17pm

I was m-m-missed? -watery puppy dog eyes- Yei! -cling- @_@


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