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MrHall (profile) wrote,
on 10-23-2003 at 12:55am
Music: RUSH - By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Subject: I am back
Hello children, it's me, Mr. Hall. I'm back, finally. I haven't had much time to do this journal, with all my readin and what not. As you all should know, RUSH has come out with a new dvd from their latest tour. You all should go and buy it right now. And always remember that Neil Peart is better than you.
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10-23-03 7:30pm

Mr. Hall, it was really disturbing when you told my class that you loved us. However, "I love all my students equally" shall be forever etched on our hearts.

Oh yeah, I'm feelin' the love. <3

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10-23-03 11:24pm

You said Hi to me in the hallway today. I was aroused.

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10-24-03 11:13pm

i think you like me better since i got a 5 on my ap exam but averaged a C in your class all year.

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