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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-2003 at 10:54pm
Current mood: blank
Music: the tv
Subject: Well that sure was a humdinger
wellI don't really have much to say. The road runner guy came today to fix our internet. I hope those fires don't come here. My mom says that there isn't anything to burn here but I don't know.. okay I'm gong to go . bye oh yeah here..
What's a weird fear you have that no one else probably does?:eye contact w/ guys
Is not Jon Stewart great?:uh, yeah?
What song are you listening to?:the tv
Best face wash/acne fighting product?:clean and clear
How loud do you sneeze?:medium
Do you like your handwriting?:nope
Ugliest color you've ever seen?:puke-ish green-ish brown
Does having matching socks matter to you?:kind of, yeah
If you were in band, what would you call it?:rubber duck..hell I don't know
Last time you were on a plane?:never
Have a digital camera?:yeah
How big is your TV?:13 inches I think
Have you ever heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000?:nope
How many pillows do you sleep with?:3
sXe.. good or bad?:good
Most annoying commercail ever?:I know there is one I just can't think of it right now
Lamest pick-up line ever?:"you have something on your lips.. here let me get it for you"
Dumbest song ever?:right thurr
Worst way to die?:suffication/drowning
Who's the funniest comedian?:I don't knoq
Ever been in a car accident?:nope
Ever had braces?:yeah I have them now
Do you know HTML?:some
What's the most useless class in school?:art
Best Jones Soda flavor?:I don't know
Something you collect?:spoons
Something you're allergic to?:alupent sulfate or something.. yeah I'm only allergic to two medicines
Something you wish would die?:cockroaches

[randomosity] brought to you by BZOINK!
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10-28-03 2:48pm

dangit! so the corn thingy is closed already? what is up with that?!? lol and yes i am lucky enough to have a parent that will let me do whatever i want if i beg a million times.. haha, so yeah its going to be great. i will be sure to tell you how awesome it is and maybe i can post some pictures of the show or something? alrighty, i must depart.. ta ta!

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