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punkxtrixie (profile) wrote,
on 10-30-2003 at 7:20pm
Subject: i dont know.
wow, im pathetic, i miss sean so much, i havent talked to him for like...a day, wow.
thats so long...grr.
i hate this....i hate this so much. i was so mean to him...i told him to never talk to me again unless he had made up his mind...i dont know why im giving in now, but it just feels yea.
i dont make any sense and i really dont care, think what you want, but you arent me so you wont hate me if you wish [people that i know hate me for this]
i keep listening to konstantine and it reminds me of sean...everything does, and i dont even know why...grr, everything is sean, life is sean...he is everywhere.
i need to cut again, but i promised nikki i wouldnt and i love her to death, so i cant. grr...i need to get rid of the pain, this sucks.
i am going to breakdown and that cant happen. it just cant.
im going to end up cutting my hair again, if i cant cut myself, and this sucks, because i like my hair now, but whatever.
i feel alone, i have no one or anything, and i hate whining about it because i sound like a drama queen and people hate me for it, but oh well.
and in home ec, i named my baby gingerbread because my baby has red hair and it reminds me of my mommies gingersnaps..i know im weird. but oh well.
him...grr, everyone should know by now who *him* is...this whole thing just makes me mad, i love him so much, and hes happy, and i just ruin everything...but thats all i want for him...happyness...just to be happy.

this is what i have been thinking about all day...and it doesnt help much at all. so bye.

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I LOVE YOU! <3, 10-30-03 9:12pm

Whit you are such a strong person! I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! Please don't cut yourself mean so much to me..i cant stand the thought of you being hurt. I really think you should get over sean..and i know its hard..i mean c'mon now..i have no room to be talking..but please..just try okay? you KNOW im always here. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


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10-31-03 2:29pm

Hey Whit How do you get that journal um...dashlined border for your background? Anyways respond back and I'll talk with you later! thanks!

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Re:, 10-31-03 3:42pm

aw whit!!..i feel ur also here 4 u if u need n e thing!!

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Re: Re:, 11-01-03 9:55am

ahhh, thank you all so much! but...NO ONE filled out my survey except for kateness, i love you!!!!!!!!!!

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