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Kit_Katt (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2002 at 6:11pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Underdog-AudioAdreneline
Subject: humph
Here I am again, my best friend is acting like he is dieing and part of it is all my fault, but its not like I can help. He is regecting me, and I have no one else to turn to so as he does I am put in a corner, alone, feeling the same way he does. (Not that he would realize this even if I told him). Life is not going as planned, but then, when does it? So I guess that since I'm still alive it is all well. Eventually he will either get over it and grow up or he will leave me forever. Both of which I can learn to live with. Though I could live much easier with the first, but like I said, I'm alive, so why complain? :)
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This is Jess., 10-10-02 7:51pm

Kate, this is Jess H. I just wanted to say that the reason why Nick is so sad and depressed is because he loves you. Simple as that. You did and still do mean so much to him. He wanted to spend as long as possiable with you, and I guess that possiable wasn't very long. I'm pretty sure if you talk to him, and tell him as much as it hurts, sometimes things just don't work out. Maybe your just the first of many of loves for him. And you still want him to be a big part of your life, because he is. He's your bestfriend. Anyhoo, I'm gonna miss you, love you much. ANd my mother says hi and is wondering if Stacey liked that blanket?!? Talk to you soon.

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jim9nin, 10-10-02 8:19pm

hey Kit_Katt this is jim9nin a.k.a Bill the person u chatted with on 10-9-02 me and andy were talking about your profile if u want to keep in touch u know how to find me.

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