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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2003 at 8:10pm
okay okay.

~ saw Gregory Luke right after school <3
~ senior recognition night SEE!

~ game vs. Boca we WON! exciting game, 41-37 was the final score, it was supeeerr close. scary.

okay. this is when it begins to suck.
*after the game, Greg and I went to Dennys on Linton & Federal. i ordered a cherry coke and buffalo chicken strips. I get the stuff, cut up a piece, feed it to greg & take a bite myself. I took a bite and was all like "man, this doesn't have the same consistancy of chicken" I begin to analyze the chicken only to find that its completely raw! i spit it out and got the waiter. He went to take it back or whatever and I told Greg i wasn't in the mood for chicken anymore so he went and told the guy to get us a caramel apple crisp. It was okay. the guy brought our check and what they did was subtracted the apple crisp from the price of the chicken (which was more then the crisp was alone) and i was like "wtf." wouldn't you think that i should get it for free i mean they tried to kill me w/salmanila for Gods sake. So i ask to see the manager and hes a total douche bag and this fucking big ass black bitch next to me is all obnoxious so greg was all pissed off and was like "fuck it, lets go" and we just walked out. ANGRY!
will never go back to dennys on Federal & Linton or Federal & Woolbright ever again.

ummmm woke up around 10, ate breakfast, practiced bassoon & went over to Gregs.
We made cookies & chilled. Went to the mall & he got a haircut (its okay... a little short for my taste but its all Elvis-y now.) Went to Petsmart and saw kitties for adoption, got bitched out by the lady "young adopters are the worst, they have babies and return the cats". alright. um. gregs dad made an oober good meal & we just chilled. I ended up staying the night so that was cool.

oh man. we went to see TIMB at One Cup at a Time last night! it rocked. It was some girls sweet 16 so it was kinda improv like a jam session but mad props to us!! MINI BLUM was there! that made me mucho happy :0)

woke up early & stared at Gregory sleep kissing him all over till he woke up. went to church con his padres & his dad made us kick ass pancakes. after church we hit up the boynton ale house and greg lost $10 in pool. oh. and his removed uncles girlfriend (ditzy blonde bitch) said that i looked like i was 12. i wanted to tell her to eat shit and dig her stupid blonde head up her ass. went back to his house, watched tv and his dad made kick ass home made pepperoni balls and pizza. i went home then.

gregorys coming over in a couple hours to bring me cake :0) thats all for now.
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11-09-03 8:30pm

wow, sucks about denny's. i hate the linton one too...i went there the morning of exams last week and it tooke them like an hour to bring the food when only three other people were there. i ended missing my first exam, having to make it up on make-up day

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11-09-03 9:27pm

Great pics, Vivi. : )
I'll miss all of you guys next year.

I saw you and Gregory after the game and I have to say that you two are very cute together. ; )

Sorry Denny's tried to kill you. o.0 That was pretty odd and gross.

See you tomorrow!

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11-09-03 11:31pm

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11-09-03 11:31pm

You forgot to mention the part where I called you in desperation.

By the way, ended up at a Frat party at 1am. Ryan was there.

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