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Rina (profile) wrote,
on 11-15-2003 at 10:43pm
Music: Space - Something Corporate
Subject: Bah humbug
not much has happened since dinner. i played ps2, watched tv, and practiced flute. fun? bah. no fun at all. sure, its amusing for a while, but it gets.. boring. *sigh*
I'm listenin to music from Launch. its actually pretty nifty :) anyways, i got my ap bio book on friday. Me and nola went to the library before lunch was over. But this one lady wouldnt let us go in to the library until the bell rang, and my next class was upstairs and down the longest hall in the world. grrrr.. she wouldn't write me a pass either. well, i sort of ran to my english class and i wasnt late :)
I never see my girl andrea anymore! damn. i hate the fact that school is a world-celebrated idea. I really miss summer. sure, it was hot as hell, but i had alot of time to do things with my friends. grrr.. how i wish christmas break would come sooner...
besides me feeling like scrooge, life is kinda hectic. school is boring, but man do they give you homework!
yay! one of my fave songs came on :) i like a lot of bands these days. i dont really like cds of one artist either. i like mixes better ;D
well, got to explore some more...
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11-16-03 6:30pm

ahh tis mu buddy house!! ahaha i added you as a friend on my woohu! be glad child. ttyl

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Re:, 11-16-03 7:22pm

STUBS!!! hey yo. this is cool... i am very glad..

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