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Tabletop (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2003 at 6:53pm
I saw kevin's penis yesterday.
I broke my toe yesterday.
The blame for both of these incidents rests on Robbies shoulders.

Well, he did tell me to pull down his boxers.
Jessica liked it, I could tell.

Roman seems like an ok person. I have known of him for so long that I think I had preconceptions of what he would be like, and he turned out to be better then that. I think, mainly he just made out with Becca. Not that I blame him.
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11-16-03 7:21pm

Ha ha.

sounds exciting.


hope your toe gets better

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11-16-03 7:23pm

i saw your butt.

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squished scrote, 11-16-03 7:40pm

you broke my god damn nuts you bastard maybe those things happened in result, bad karma get what i'm sayin

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Re: squished scrote, 11-16-03 7:53pm

sorry about your scrote

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Re: Re: squished scrote, 11-16-03 7:58pm

i think it will be alright, just think about what happens when you kick me in the nuts, robby steps on your toes and you have to see kevins wing wang.

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Re: Re: Re: squished scrote, 11-16-03 8:24pm


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Re: Re: Re: Re: squished scrote, 11-16-03 8:27pm

cracked nuts are not a matter to joke about!

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