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hitokirivader (profile) wrote,
on 11-16-2003 at 6:22pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane
Subject: Whoever thought there'd be hot chicks in Milwaukee... hehe
I can't believe Jen and Kristal convinced me to go see a goddamn chick flick last night (I wanted to see Master and Commander. Waaah... At least I got to ogle Keira). Eh, but it was ok. Love Actually turned out to be better than I thought, as--without revealing too much of the plot--it didn't end all super ultra happy lovey lovey as romance movies tend to do. In fact, a lot of it was depressing... and there were some hilarious parts too, like when that guy tried to propose in Portuguese. And the little boy escaping airport security, that was just classic.
Anyways, "Garcia Lorca" was incredibly confusing. Why can't plays be straightfoward anymore?

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chick that flick, 11-17-03 12:34am

well, at least Liam was in Love Actually. =)

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Re: chick that flick, 11-17-03 1:55am

Can't forget Keira. :-D


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11-17-03 2:36am

be YOURSELF; Bryan Lee. Its as simple as that

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