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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2003 at 12:29am
Of course I remember
Ahh, to reminisce
Of that sweet summer day
When we shared our first kiss

God he was beautiful
The best there could be
The perfect distraction
Made to blind me

It started out great
My very own fairy tale
But the ending was different
It was destined to fail

Our love was sweet
Succulent and strong
But deeper in I discovered
That statement was wrong

Like an apple it was
Vibrant red layer of skin
But the inside was bitter
I knew one bite in

I couldn't leave
I always came back
When I left I felt
An ambiance of lack

My bitter apple
Sour to the core
Told me he loved me
But loved her more

He took advantage
He cheated and lied
He pretended not to see
Each time that I cried

One day I gave up
Laid on the sarcasm and said:
"I love you, baby"
And shot him in the head.
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